Frequently Asked Questions

How can a vehicle tow glampvan small houses
You can tow with 4x4 off-road vehicles.
DO Glampvan Tiny House Caravans have standards?
Width: 2.55 m, height from the ground 3.98 m and its weight should not exceed 3.5 tons.
Is Glampvan tiny house legal?
It is a vehicle with license plate and license to go on highways. It is subject to highways because it is a vehicle, not a building legally.
Are Glampvan Tiny Houses suitable for all weather conditions?
Our caravans are suitable for summer and winter use. You can use them wherever you want with insulation and isolation systems suitable for cold and hot climates.
Do you make your Glampvan Tiny hoses in mass production or custom-made?
We can make our Glampvan caravans in any model and design you want.
Do we have to pay MTV or tax for Glampvan Tiny House models?
Since it does not have an engine, it is not subject to MTV. Annual inspection must be done while cruising on the highways.
Can Glampvan Tiny Houses be bought and sold? Is it transferable?
As with vehicle transfer transactions, you can perform buying and selling transactions from a notary public.
Can Glampvan Tiny House be placed on an undeveloped land?
It is legally subject to highway regulations because it is a vehicle, not a building. It can be positioned in any land, field, garden, protected area, etc.
Do we need to make an arrangement about the floor where we want to position the Glampvan Tiny Houses?


There are a jack and four tires in each of its four corners. The product is fixed from the jacks by touching the ground from 8 points as standard.

Can solar panels be added to Glampvan Tiny Houses?


You can put a solar panel.

How is clean water tank operations performed in Glampvan Tiny Houses?
It can be done directly from the mains line, or it can be solved by building a clean water tank.
How is wastewater treatment done in Glampvan Tiny Houses?
At the place where you will position it, it can be made directly from the sewer network line or cesspool pits can be opened.
How can security systems be taken in Glampvan Tiny Houses?
Mobile security systems are implemented, which you can install wherever a mobile phone is picked up.
How is the heating problem solved in Glampvan Tiny Houses?
Air conditioning systems are used.
How are Glampvan Tiny Houses shipped?
We have transportation to every place within the borders of Turkey.
How long after order can we receive delivery at Glampvan Tiny Houses?
Our caravans are delivered between 60 and 90 days.
What is the warranty of Glampvan Tiny Houses?
It includes axle and axle system, interior and exterior roof coverings, joinery, electrical and water systems. Our products are guaranteed for 2 years.